One Planet


I seldom fly.  The reasons are complicated and boring (not environmentally friendly, bad ears, blah blah) so I prefer to meander my way around on trains and boats.    I like to drink some kombucha, read a book and pat myself on the back for living consciously.

   Recently, I needed to get to the west coast from the east coast and I didn't have a week to set aside for travel.  What's an old hippy to do?  Good question, I tucked my principles in my pocket and hopped on a plane.  You knew I would, didn't you?  I also got tubes put in my ears, but that's another story.

From above the earth has a wisdom and order that I had forgotten, a perfect harmony of dissonance, this and that blending into one.  There is a tapestry of hues and topography that blend together seamlessly.  Differences?  No, it's all one.



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